TM Series
Multi-turn actuator

TM-SERIES is for multi turn valves - globe, gate valves,and also for quarter turn valves - butterfly,ball valves adopting 2nd worm reducer.
Major parts / component are easy to change for trouble shooting and maintenance.
Wide range voltage motors (220V~460VAC,3Phase) are ready for your choice.

All the compartments of TM series are double sealed with a pair of V shape ring & O ring and have the flame path according to IEC standard to ensure complete protection from dust, moisture and flame.
  • Water proof : IP-68 (IEC-60529 ,submersible to a depth of 8 meters for 72hours)
  • Explosion proof : Exd IIB-T4 (IEC-60079-0,1)
  • Communication Standard : Mod Bus-RTU, Profibus-DP, Foundation FieldBus, HART

TQ Series
Quarter-turn actuator

TQ-SERIES is for small quarter turn applications such as ball, butterfly, plug valves, dampers and similar usage.
*Light, Compact and corrosion resistant Aluminum alloy enclosure.
*Double saled with V-shade ring and gasket to ensure IP68,8 meters, 72 hours.
*Explosion proof:Exd IIBT4-IEC-60079-0,1.
*profibus 2-wire communication protocols.

  • Communication Standard: Mod Bus-RTU, Profibus-DP, Foundation FieldBus, HART
MW Series
Worm reducer

MW series is worm reducer which used for butterfly, ball, plug valve and damper.

MW is designed for the high efficiency and long lifespan, adopted the international flange standard EN ISO 5211, and is water proof type of IP-67

LTMD-Q Series
Multi-turn actuator

LTMD-Q Series, which developed for nuclear power use, especially Class-1E are available to multi turn valves such as globe, gate and so on. Also available to quarter turn valves like ball and butterfly in combination with gearbox.
Robust and simple construction made of iron cast guarantees long lifespan and easy maintenance.

It was co-develped with Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Korea Electric Power Corporation and certified by National Technical Systems in the U.S.A. under severe requirements for nuclear power plant.

We already have supplying records for Kori NPP in Korea and it has been successfully running in other NPP. 

TD Series
Multi-turn actuator

TD-Series are the conventional multi-turn actuator which is suitable for the harsh environment usage.
The gear case is made of cast iron and pre-lubricated geared limit switch ensures the precise adjustable position setting and moisture-proof torque switch stops the motor when abnormal force is applied to the valve.