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Electric valve actuator - Valve Actuator Manufacturer Low Maintenance Cost Effective Solution. Electric valve actuator design for more than 20's. Professional manufacturer of Electric valve actuator. Intelligent, reliable and versatile. Jual Quarter-Turn Actuator Enertork TQ Series Beli Jual Quarter-Turn Actuator Enertork TQ Series. Harga Murah di Lapak Terjual Jual Quarter-Turn Actuator Enertork TQ Series

TERJUAL Jual Quarter-Turn Actuator Enertork TQ Series · Seller Distributor Actuator Enertork Distributor Actuator Enertork · Quarter-turn actuator · Worm reducer · Multi-turn actuator · Multi-turn actuator.Quarter-turn actuator TQ Series by ENERTORK TQ Series Quarter-turn actuator. TQ-SERIES is for small quarter turn applications such as ball, butterfly, plug valves, dampers and similar usage electric actuator – Enertork Multi Turn · Quarter TurnEnertork Ltd. Mr. G. W. Chang(CEO) Mr. M. C. Kim(CTO) Tel : +822.555.0883. HeadQuarter·Factory : #64-6. Ogye-ri, Neungseo-myeon ENERTORK Actuator TQ Series - Dubai Actuator distributor in Dubai lowest price Actuator in anbi solutions Best ... For small quarter-turn applications such as ball, butterfly, plug valves, ...

TXSERIES ACTUATOR Enertork have focused on R&D, Manufacture, Test, Sales ... used for large-sized quarter-turn valves such as butterfly and ball by adopting a reducer.TM Series - Multi-Turn Actuator by ENERTORK TM Series - Multi-Turn Actuator by ENERTORK Co., Ltd. TM-SERIES is for multi turn valves - globe, gate valves,and also for quarter turn valves - butterfly ...LTMD-Q Series - Multi-Turn Actuator by ENERTORK LTMD-Q Series - Multi-Turn Actuator by ENERTORK Co., Ltd. LTMD-Q Series, ... Also available to quarter turn valves like ball and butterfly in combination